Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swell Caroline

Swell Caroline is a super cute brand of preppy jewelry.  Here are some of the things I'm lusting after

Forget Me Not Earrings

Heart Earrings

Monogrammed Necklace.  I'm kind of confused about my monogram now because I decided to keep my middle name and add my maiden name as another middle name when I got married; so now I have 4 letter.
Also, I'm a "Brand Ambassador" so Swell Caroline let me put a link to their store on my side bar!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lace Shirts

One of my best friends, Whitney, has such cute bohemian style that is totally the opposite of my preppy style.  She has all these flowy tops and I'm jealous of her style every time I see her.  So because of Whitney, I'm now in the market for a lace shirt.

This one is J. Crew.  It's on sale for $39.99 but it's not really flowy like I want.

This one is also J. Crew and it's exactly what I'm looking for but it is $110

J. Crew again; on sale for $59.99.  I love this one because it is a good combination of  hippie and preppy.

This one is by Tulle.  I found it on Piperlime and it's only $54, plus it has a super cute exposed zipper sown the back!  I LOVE exposed zippers!

This is by Sabine; I found this one on Piperlime too.  It's super cute and the price is great at $69.

I'm leaning towards getting the tatted lace J. Crew sweater one and the Sabine one.  What do you think?


One of the blogs I follow is have a super cute giveaway this week!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

I love my job! I really do, but reading other blogs where everyone is in college still and going on spring break trips makes me super jealous!  Spring break is the best! It's time to relax and have fun and not worry about everyday.  And, I love the beach.  I want to go away!  And, my husband is gone; it's for work but still.

On the plus side, the weather here has been awesome and my parents have a pool, so maybe I'll have my own mini spring break tomorrow since I don't have to work.  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Green

I will be wearing green scrubs tomorrow since I have to work all day, but here are somethings that I would consider if I got to make more exciting fashion choices! 
Stella and Dot Serenity Earrings

Stella and Dot Serenity Necklace

Lilly Pulitzer Parker Dress

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiny Print

Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green ( posted a coupon code for Tiny Prints today on her blog.  I had never heard of them so I clicked on the link  and found the cutest paper products I had seen in a while.  The code is DOD0315 and it will get you 50% off address labels and gift tags.  I picked out 3 different address labels to buy myself. 

And these two for my cousin who is getting married and will have tons of thank you cards to mail out!

I got 24 of each print and my total with tax and shipping was $23.50!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Re-Lilly Group

Today, I'm going to share one of my secrets to getting great deals on Lilly.  I'm sure it's not really a secret since it's a public facebook group.  Re-Lilly Group is a group that was founded by the amazing Susan Romano Trader for Lilly fans to buy, sell, and trade Lilly!

I have bought and sold things on Re-Lilly and participated in the annual Christmas exchange and I have always been more than satisfied.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Lilly Pulitzer shoes and accessories

Yesterday I posted the clothing from Lilly Pulitzer spring that I am lusting after so today I am posting the shoes and accessories.

Lilly Pulitzer McKim High Wedge.  I love McKims and I have the wedges and love them too but they are a weird height that is not quite dressy enough, I think these would be a great addition to my shoe shelf.  However, they are $178 so I may wait till they are on sale.

As you may recall I wore the white wedge version of these in my wedding.  These are the Set in Stone sandals in navy.  Super cute- $228. :(

Picture Perfect Espadrille. $218.  These are so classic- probably a better deal than the others since you could get so much more wear out of them

Opening Night Clutch, $88.  I would never actually use this but I think it would be so cute with the Mimosa skirt that I showed yesterday!

Carded ID Wallet in Mariposa.  I have this in another print and LOVE it! Mariposa is definitely my favorite print from this season.  I may have to get this one for my back-up.  Only $38!

Market Bag in You Gotta Regatta.  I have two market bags and use them pretty regularly .  I think that I could even use this to carry all my work stuff around in. $10

Sullivan Belt in white.  I have this in the natural color and already love it! $38

This is the one I have! $38

Drew Sunglasses.  I love anything tortoise shell.  My husband hates anything tortoise shell, lol.  $75

Paley Sunglasses.  I love an aviator- so classic! $150

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012

Yesterday I was looking at the Lilly Pulitzer website for the millionth time at the spring line, deciding what I will buy as soon as it is slightly on sale.  Here are the clothes I chose; I'll do a separate post on shoes later.
First up...seersucker
I love this whole outfit.  I love the idea of mixing prints.  This is the Dusti shirt in Lilly's pink Mariposa and the mimosa skirt (it's hard to see in the pic but it is pink seersucker.)

These are the Buttercup shorts, also in pink seersucker.

Adeline dress in pink seersucker.  

When I realized that I had picked three items for my "have to have" list in pink seersucker I tried to eliminate one or two, but I failed.  I think they are all so different yet so classic and wearable.  They come in other colors but I still pick these.  I have a yellow seersucker Blossom dress from last year and white seersucker shorts with sailing flags.  So really pink is what I need the most.

This isn't actually from spring but I still love it, the Rebecca sweater!
Ferra dress in call me kitty cat.  I'm not sure that I love the dress, but I love the print!
Belle top in white and callahan shorts in call me kitty cat.  I think  I might like these better than the dress; the jury is still out.
Dusti shirt again in blue.
And my favorite, the Somerset dress!
Somerset dress in bright navy cherry picker.  It is only $108 full price so it only has to be a tiny bit off for me to  justify buying it!

Somerset in navy. $98!
Somerset in resort white valley girl.  This is the one that I love the most and I will probably buy it full price if I don't get a coupon or a sale soon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Colored Denim

I think it was last summer or maybe resort where Lilly Pulitzer first debuted their colored denim, and I've been obsessed ever since.  I've been dying for pink jeans, but since I live a million miles away from a Lilly store I've been afraid to spend all that money on them, and to be honest I probably wouldn't spend $148 on a pair of pink jeans anyway since they are definitely not a staple.

These are the ones that I really am dying for .
They can be found at Lilly Pulitzer for $148.
I think I'll put them on my birthday list!

I found this picture yesterday that definitely made me swoon even harder.It's the jeans I've been loving plus the cutest headband I've ever seen.I think this would be perfect with a white button up and flats.
The headband is from .  I have to have one but I can't decide which print, probably the one above.  Be careful though; once you start looking at the etsy shop you will find  tons of things you need!

These are from Target.  I kind of think that with something that could look crazy anyway like pink pants that you might need high quality to keep from looking like a 6 year old, but then again they always say not to invest in a trend.  I think I'll try them on today on my Target run and see what I think.
These are also Lilly.  I love this whole outfit!
Another thing I love about colored denim is that it gives me an opportunity to try out another trend I've been loving, chambray shirts!  I've been wanting a chambray shirt for a while but I am too afraid to wear one with jeans.
I already have white jeans and how cute is this!

This whole outfit is from J. Crew.
Love it all!

So what do you think of colored denim? 
Love it or hate it?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

swim suits

It's starting to feel pretty springy in East Tennessee and my parents have a pool and the lake is just down the road; SWIMSUIT TIME!

I love this one from Lilly Pulitzer (of course)

And, there are matching swim trunks.
My husband would rather just not swim I think.
One of my favorite things about swim suits is mixing and matching.  I have a couple of different styles of black bottoms and all different black solid and printed tops.
This one is from Target.  It is on sale for $14.99 this week I think.

This one is American Eagle.
 I got one this style in an emerald color last year from Target and it is super cute!

Coral is super flattering on everyone but when I googled "coral swimsuits" only sluts showed up.

This one is not slutty but I had to go to the American Eagle website to find it.
Another cute one from Target.
This one is not my style at all really with the animal print, but for some reason I really love it!

What kind of swimsuits do you like?  Any cute ones I should check out?