Thursday, April 5, 2012

Retail Therapy

I saw on facebook and a couple of my favorite blogs that people were impressed with the Rue La La sale yesterday.  I wasn't really; I didn't need anything and prices seemed a little high for very old clothes.

I wanted this skirt and it was only $29, but shipping is $10 which made it a little unreasonable for a skirt from summer of 2010.  The $10 shipping is a one time fee per month but I know that I will not be buying anything else unless they have another Lilly sell within a month.

Hotty Pink first impression is my all time favorite print but  I couldn't bring myself to pay $80  for a dress I have no where to wear.  Plus, since I used this print in my wedding, two of my best friends have the blossom dress that I can borrow!
I was bummed out about not finding anything on Rue La La so I decided to go to Belk to see if they had anything on sale.

They did not but they were have a 20% off if you use your card thing so I got this dress.  It ran really big so I had to get an extra small!

I would have gotten this one too, but my Belk did not get this print.  I'm still on the hunt.

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